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I'll be honest, looking over Academic Wikia's listing of new hires for this past round of Creative Writing positions was a pleasant surprise -- there were a lot of writers of color hired to fill full-time tenure track positions, and many at excellent, highly competitive programs. Most of these were hired at the Assistant Professor level.

A number aren't listed here because they were hired to teach creative writing in undergraduate programs and it would have been an even longer list if I had tried to list everyone teaching at the undergraduate level. Some writers of color show up as faculty at multiple institutions, primarily because they are teaching not just at their home institution, but also at one or more low residency programs. Core faculty at most programs is still not very diverse. Often if there is a writer of color present, they are teaching as adjuncts or visiting writers.

While this gives the appearance of "diversifying" the department, adjunct and visiting faculty are by their very nature transient. They also lack power to change or shift the department and pedagogy in meaningful ways. If a university wants to do more than pay lip service to supporting their student writers of color, they need to start hiring more full-time permanent faculty of color who can stay, contribute, and build. There are some exceptions -- many of the programs in California and Illinois are leading the way.

YA Lit vs Fiction. One thing I've noticed is that in some programs the only faculty writers of color are writers of YA or teen fiction and are labeled as such, rather than fiction. It's a small thing, but it does seem to marginalize these writers. It'd be an easy fix to list them both as Fiction and Young Adult. Or just call them Fiction writers and in their bios describe their publications. Text vs photo faculty listings. I really appreciated the departments which made it easy to look over their faculty lists. Just having a photo for each faculty member makes a big difference both in assessing the friendliness and professionalism of the program good clear high-res photos of faculty do a lot to make a positive impression.

It also saved me time if I could look over the faculty directory and see who might be a writer of color I still did a lot of profile reading and Googling to confirm when in doubt. Mentor deserts. Certain states have 0 faculty of color present:. Kansas Darren Canady teaches playwriting at University of Kansas. Effective communication is key to success in any career or life undertaking.

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This minor is a wonderful companion to any number of other majors. The Bachelor of Music in Composition offers excellent preparation for graduate study or work as a professional composer.

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The program helps students discover a distinctive voice as they develop a portfolio of compositions. In addition to composition, courses in theory, music history, literature, conducting, and technology give students a thorough preparation in comprehensive musicianship. The Master of Music in Composition prepares musicians for professional careers in the specialized and competitive field of composition and arranging. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems CIS provides a foundation for students planning a career in the analysis, design, and implementation of information systems.

The minor in computer information systems offers students an opportunity to acquire skills in computer applications that support information technology in business systems. Together with a major in the sciences, business, or another discipline, the computer information systems minor can open pathways to careers in a wide range of fields.

The minor in computer science offers students an opportunity to acquire skills in the basics of computer science. Together with a major in the sciences, business, or another discipline, the computer science minor provides an extra advantage for competitive job markets.

The Master of Music in Conducting prepares musicians for professional careers in the specialized and competitive field of conducting. Designed to meet the growing need for psychologists who can support the mental health of children and youth, the M. The criminal justice major prepares students to apply knowledge of criminal justice and critical analysis of social problems to promote the equitable application of the law for all people and become ethical Christian leaders in public and private organizations intended to make communities safer.

The Doctor of Ministry Program renews and transforms ministry leaders, churches, and communities, equipping them to spread the message of Jesus Christ. The design studies major prepares students to think creatively about visual communication challenges by gaining experience in print, digital, and UIUX design. Students study the design of communications, products, environments, systems, and services.

El programa de Doctorado en Ministerio D. The economics major prepares students to think critically and analytically and prepares them to address complex problems in a wide variety of settings. The Master of Music Education prepares current and prospective teaching professionals as school music specialists qualified to lead K music programs in both private and public sectors.

Prepares school counselors to communicate with and guide students of all cultures, socioeconomic levels, and learning abilities. Requirements for the Pupil Personnel Services Credential are embedded within the program. Prepares graduates to assume elementary and secondary administrative positions at school site, district office or county, state, and federal levels in public or private education.

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Prepares school psychologists to evaluate and treat students of all cultures, socioeconomic levels, and learning abilities. Requirements for the post-master's Educational Specialist Ed. Prepares candidates to serve as professional counselors in both school and clinical settings. Requirements for the Pupil Personnel Services Credential are embedded within the program, along with the educational requirements for California state licensure as a LPCC.

The Engineering major equips students with a solid foundation in engineering principals for a variety of fields including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, business, defense, energy, health care, and telecommunications. The English minor offers students a chance to experience three foundational courses in the discipline and provides an opportunity to customize a package of upper-division electives in literature, creative writing, or professional writing to suit their needs and interests.

This major equips students in the basic principles of entrepreneurship and innovation, preparing them for the 21st-century business world. The program provides students an intensive sequence of pre- and postlicensure study that enables them to become registered nurses RNs and receive a BSN, and also leads to the Master of Science in Nursing MSN degree with a clinical specialty.

This program aims to equip students with the theoretical understanding and practical skills necessary to evaluate and direct decisions regarding the allocation of financial resources. Games and Interactive Media students benefit from a well-rounded curriculum integrating storytelling, game mechanics, and technical art, preparing them for careers in the video game and interactive media industry.

Qualifies graduates for leadership roles in colleges and universities, especially in student development, academic support, and institutional administration. This is a three-year, unit, cohort-based program offered on the Azusa campus for one week each June and nine weekends a year Fridays and Saturdays. The Ph. This is a unit, cohort-based program offered on the Azusa campus for two weeks each July and January for four years. The history major provides students with a solid foundation in American and world history, geography, research, and writing, while also allowing students to study their preferred time periods, regions, and historical themes.

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Upon graduation, students are equipped for numerous career paths that call for reasoning, the ability to analyze complex problems, well-developed writing skills, and familiarity with a variety of cultures. The history minor instructs students on human possibilities and limits through studies in American, European, and world history, in order to equip them to make solid decisions that are grounded in the human experience. For students in the Honors College, the humanities major replaces General Education requirements, allowing students to complete two majors if desired.

The program consists of nine courses in which students focus on topics such as leadership, wisdom, and democracy. Throughout these classes, students study the Great Works, including Aristotle, C.

Lewis, and Mary Wollstonecraft, learning to apply insights to contemporary times. The humanities minor, an option within the Honors College coursework, integrates the great works of literature, philosophy, art, music, science, and theology. Students in this minor engage the great works of literature, philosophy, art, music, science, and theology. This major incorporates a liberal arts approach to the disciplines of politics and cultural interrelationships, surveying the dynamics of an interdependent global business environment.

Students interested in expanding their global perspective on health and nursing care may apply to the School of Nursing for acceptance to participate in either a short-term transcultural health nursing experience, an international health nursing semester, or a unit international health nursing minor. The international relations major teaches students how to make sense of global events, how both peaceful interaction and political crises shape the world, and how to articulate Christian perspectives on relations between peoples and nations.

Upon graduation, students are prepared for roles in government, including foreign policy formulation or analysis, as well as vocations in international business and trade, foreign aid and development, military and security policy, and international law. The international relations minor instructs students in international politics, history, geography, and diplomacy, in order to prepare them to become effective community leaders. The journalism major offers an in-depth study of journalism, cultivating practical experience in writing, reporting, editing, and publication production and management.

Students can choose from three concentrations: news and storytelling, media studies, and sports journalism. A journalism minor equips students with critical thinking skills that will support any major. Learning how to write, communicate, research, and question allows students to engage in reflective, independent thinking and strengthen their ability to reason.

Exercise, movement, and sport help others thrive by improving health, fitness, and quality of life across the life span. The leadership minor encourages students to pursue excellence in their chosen major while also seeking proficiency as strengths-driven leaders. Students in the minor learn about whole-person development, leadership and virtue, the role of personal strengths and skills in leadership, and how to lead as agents of change.

This interdisciplinary, intercultural, international program hones leadership skills through experiential study of organizational life and action research. Learn how to make a difference in special needs classrooms. Expert faculty instruct and guide from a distinctly Christian perspective, leading to a compassionate, caring, and ethical approach to teaching. Candidates build the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to help all students learn through engaging, technology-driven experiences.