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Latif-Shabgahi, Julian M. Reliability, vol. Adaptive majority voter: a novel voting algorithm for real-time fault-tolerant control systems, in 25th Euromicro Conf. Phani Kumar, P. Khanaa Battacharya Performance of a system is one of the key factors to be considered while building a system, due to the system characteristics such as code mobility, platform heterogeneity and distributed deployment. The decisions that are taken at the time of creating software architectural design have a major impact on the resulting system.

Some of the performance indices are mostly hidden. The authors have proposed a design Framework which uses an iterative method for evaluating and also transforming software architecture until the performance indices are satisfied. There are several methodologies proposed for automating the software- hardware models to a performance models. The framework provides a set of resource models, annotations and the integration procedures which supports simulation and makes the performance analysis easier.

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They have presented the results from a SmartHome system which shows the stability of our approach. Pratima Singh and Anil Kumar Tripathi, Chung and M. Noguera, Software Engg. Int'l Conf. Software Eng. Network, www. Pierini, and D. Int'l Symp. Ahmedkhan, Aroul canessane. Srinivasan, J, Sindre. H, Information Systems, vol. Software Architecture, pp. The extraordinary growth in the World Wide Web has been sweeping through business and industry.

By using web technologies many companies have developed or integrated their critical applications. Testing web applications become crucial, particularly as performance of web applications become complex. Performance of many Web sites depends on the load on the site at peak time under varying conditions. Performance testing is normally conducted with the help of performance testing tools in a reasonable simulated environment. As user is the ultimate judge for the success of web site. Performance perceived by the user is most crucial. Due to complexity of web site, it is not possible to draw a common denominator for user perception of the Web site and designer's viewpoint.

23rd International Conference on Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering

It is necessary to analyze the users perceptions and modulate to fit into the designer's shoes in such circumstance. This paper proposes a new model, which enforces the designer to incorporate the users perception by projecting and modulating the perceptions. Later, the designer would consider the projected perceptions during the performance testing without diluting the reliability. Bill Jaeger, William Perry, Dan Sullivan, In this paper the comparative analysis of a java based text editor jEdit and all its successive releases has been done.

Different machine learning classifiers have been used to get findings in terms of Accuracy, Precision, Recall, F-measure and AUC values. Based on all performance measures it is concluded that the bugs are decreasing release by release and quality is increasing as well. The authors have used WEKA a machine learning tool for finding and analysing of the results.

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Bouktif, S. A novel composite model approach to improve software quality prediction, Information and Software Technology, Elsevier, Vol52, pp. Breiman, L.

Random Forest, Machine Learning Vol. Catal, C. A systematic review of software fault prediction studies, Expert Systems with Applications, Elsevier, Vol. Investigating the effect of data set size, metrics set and features selection Techniques on software fault prediction problems, Information Sciences, Vol. Chidamber, S. Hall, T. Jureczko, M.

Khoshgoftaar, T. C, pp. Landwehr, N.

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Pressman, R. Quinlan, J. Tian, J.

Software Reengineering: New Approach to Software Development

Twala, B. Current Issue Vol. Volume 8 Issue 1 July - September Article. Abstract Re-engineering is used to support evolutionary maintenance and it is most widely used in modern software development. References [1]. Research Paper.

FASE is concerned with the foundations on which software engineering is built. Submissions should make novel contributions to making software engineering a more mature and soundly-based discipline. Contributions should be supported by appropriate arguments and validation. Contributions that combine the development of conceptual and methodological advances with their formal foundations and tool support are particularly encouraged. We welcome contributions on all such fundamental approaches, including:.

The review process of FASE is double-blind, without a rebuttal phase.

In your submission, omit your names and institutions; refer to your prior work in the third person, just as you refer to prior work by others; do not include acknowledgements that might identify you. FASE solicits three types of submissions: research papers, empirical evaluation papers and tool demonstration papers. Research papers clearly identify and justify a principled advance to the fundamentals of software engineering.

Business process re-engineering

Research papers should clearly articulate their contribution, and provide sufficient evidence for the soundness and applicability of the proposed approach. Research papers can have a maximum of 18 pp llncs. Empirical evaluation papers evaluate existing software challenges or critically validate current proposed solutions with scientific means, i. Scientific reflection on problems and practices in the software industry also falls into this category. Empirical evaluation papers can have a maximum of 18 pp llncs. Tool demonstration papers present a new tool, a new tool component, or novel extensions to an existing tool.

They should provide a short description of the theoretical foundations and emphasize the design and implementation concerns, including software architecture.