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Children up to age 3 may receive home-based therapy under EI. Some OTs, like Biel, are private service providers, visiting their young clients at home or in school. Others offer therapy in private sensory gyms. But, Biel says, the majority of OTs are found in schools, both pushing into classes to work with kids and pulling them out for one-on-one work on fine and gross motor skills, along with sensory gym time. Is the issue sensory-based? Fine motor?

Or maybe she just likes all the attention she gets from Mommy? What about a kindergartner who is still in pull-ups? We also look at what muscle groups need to be recruited effectively to go to the bathroom. Biel breaks down a litany of issues OTs address on her site Sensory Smarts : attention span and arousal level; sensory and processing skills; fine and gross motor skills; activities of daily living ADLs , also known as self-help skills, such as brushing teeth, dressing and toilet training; visual-perceptual skills; handwriting; and assistive technology.

When it comes to attention, arousal level, and sensory and processing skills , the work OTs do is based on theories presented by occupational therapist Dr.

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Jean Ayres back in the s. Proprioception allows for motor control and posture, while vestibular receptors tell the brain where the body is in space, which links directly to balance and coordination. Peske has made a short, fun video that introduces these seven senses.

Children who have trouble modulating sensory input may experience over-sensitivity hypersensitivity , under-sensitivity hyposensitivity or both to an impairing or overwhelming degree, at school, at home and in the world at large.

Assessment of Bathing in Occupational Therapy - Hilary Gooch,

The buzz of fluorescent lights and anxiety about the loud fire alarm going off may distract her, making it difficult to pay attention and participate in class. Meanwhile, those who are under-sensitive crave input. For hyper-sensitive children, OTs may suggest things like special seating and testing in a separate room, which will help avoid sensory overload.

To help sensory seekers achieve an optimal level of arousal and regulation, OTs working in sensory gyms provide movement activities like swinging, crashing onto huge bean bags, and jumping on trampolines. They may also build sensory breaks into the day, allowing the child to walk around, stretch and even do jumping jacks at regular intervals.

A wide variety of products including fidgets and chewable pencil tops and jewelry may provide calming input that helps children sit and focus. I had a child making almost no eye contact who was constantly in motion. Of 19 included studies, 3 received the highest evidence level, and 3 were considered to be of high quality. The clinical recommendations that can be derived from this study were as follows: occupational therapy interventions should start from the identified needs of the person with chronic pain; no support exists for the effectiveness of electromyographic biofeedback training as a supplement, more studies are needed to confirm this result; the effectiveness of instructions on body mechanics was significant during work-hardening treatment; and occupational therapists need to perform and present more clinical studies of high quality and high-evidence level to build up a trustworthy arsenal of evidence-based interventions e.

Dementia Ojagbemi and Owolabi stated that OT interventions have shown positive effects on physical functioning in persons with dementia PwD. Parkinson's Disease Clarke and colleagues evaluated the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of individualized physical therapy PT and OT in Parkinson's disease PD. Stroke-Related Disabilities In a pragmatic, parallel-group, cluster randomized controlled trial with economic evaluation, Sackley and co-workers evaluated the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a targeted course of OT in maintaining functional activity and reducing further health risks from inactivity for United Kingdom care home residents living with stroke-related disabilities.

Appendix Documentation Requirements The following care plan is required to document the medical necessity of occupational therapy: Occupational therapy must be provided in accordance with an ongoing, written plan of care. The plan of care must be signed by the member's attending physician and occupational therapist. The role of occupational therapy in home care.

Being an Occupational Therapist and a Researcher: Victoria's story

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Occupational therapy for rheumatoid arthritis. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Occupational therapy for multiple sclerosis. Outcomes of physical therapy, speech pathology, and occupational therapy for people with motor neuron disease: A systematic review. Occupational therapy for patients with problems in activities of daily living after stroke.

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