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A revision acti Sentences Rung Sentence lengths are crafted for effect 5 Sentences include adverbial clauses 4 Sentences include prepositions and noun phrases. Vocabulary Rung Judicious use of Negative language serves to emphasise Positive Language through contrast. Punctuation Rung Accurate use of the full range of punctuation including more complex punctuation used for effect. Semi-colon and Colon 5 Accurate use of punctuation with ellipsis, dashes and brackets used for effect.

As you step off the aeroplane having landed in Croatia, you can sense things are going to be different. This is the first blessed flirtation with one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. You find, as you explore further, that Croatia is a country of contrasts. The people, the landscape and the climate encapsulate a mesmerising experience that you would struggle to replicate in any other country of the world.

Monolithic mountains guard the coastline dropping away sharply to the delicate shore. Islands moated by emerald green waters provide havens for wildlife and the occasional adventurous tourist.

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Inland the castellated mountains provide lush springs and streams that create fertile plains that stretch infinitely towards the horizon. Along these streams, waterfalls stand as imposing gateways to the historic farm lands beyond. The guttural tone of the border guard would suggest you have arrived in a dystopian novel; however his smile betrays the authority of his tone.

You emerge from Zadar airport into a crush for the final spaces on the only bus into town. Amid the throng of anxious tourists, you could feel claustrophobic, but again the air re-assures you that everything will be alright. Croatia is really an island nation so forget about staying put, there is a lot to explore.

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Explored only by the hardiest of sailors year ago, you must take advantage of the advances in nautical technology and book yourself on one of the more sedentary tourist boat trips. Cliffs leap up from the sea forming imposing warnings to foolhardy ships yet behind these barriers are luxurious lagoons heated by only the sun to create an oasis of calm. Secluded olive groves provide the ideal place for a picnic and coves dappled with stepping stones provide an idyllic spot to cool off. With the islands securely ticked off in your travel log, head inland towards the Krka National Park.

Unlike Plitvice which perhaps holds the most spectacular waterfalls in the Adriatic, you can swim under the cascading waterfalls of Krka without being troubled by water snakes. The water here has been used to work the mills of the area but now you are more likely to find quaint market stalls and sumptuous fruit as the locals cash in on the tourist boom. You may find this more commercial than rustic but still, there is nothing like emerging from the crystalline water to relax in the shade.

Perhaps on the surface Croatia is a rough diamond. The language and expressive nature of the locals always seem to suggest you are going to be carted off in the back of a military vehicle but their carefully constructed smiles let you know that all is well and you are very welcome. Embrace your inner pioneer and look for the polish in amongst all those sharp edges!

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