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The common techniques include conventional wisdom, psychological methods, and meditation. Many people question whether having a mentor is really useful. Mentors commonly share conventional wisdom to guide their students. People often listen to elders or mentors for guidance through unpredictable circumstances their lives. Young people are often too stubborn to obtain opinions from others because they want to try their own methods first, but more often than not, mentors have a better approach to situations because of the wisdom they have gained from their own life experiences.

He has good grades and a rich family, and he is also a popular gymnastics star, but he feels there is something missing from his life. Later, he meets his life mentor, Socrates, at a gas station across the street from UC Berkeley. When Dan gets into a bad accident that shatters his right leg, he feels hopeless because the doctor tells Dan that he can no longer be a gymnast. Socrates sends a girl named Joy to tell Dan a story:. An old man and his son worked on a small farm with only one horse to pull the plow.

One day, the horse ran away. A week later, the horse returned from the mountains, leading five wild mares into the barn. Bad luck?

Who knows? The next day, the son, trying to tame one of the horses, fell and broke his leg. What bad luck! Good luck? Through the story, Socrates wants Dan not to judge an accident by his first impression because it might be a valuable life lesson that can change his life forever.

Later, Socrates helps Dan train at the back of a gas station, after many hard days and much life coaching. Dan is finally able to resume his life as a gymnast and wins the national title of the United States Gymnastics Federation.

What I Thought of Dan Millman's “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”

People also tend to focus on the moment and overwhelm themselves with negative thoughts; instead, people should focus on the positives that can come out of tragedies. The book shares stories of recovering alcoholics and their hard road to recovery. The writer uses his experiences to teach readers who are struggling with alcoholism. The important message to the reader is thatthere is always hope for anyone to overcome their addiction.


This book also gives the reader twelve important steps to fight through alcoholism. From this step on, the author starts to introduce God to the readers, because alcoholics are unable to exercise willpower or personal strength that could prevent them from drinking. God is one of the greatest mentors to inspire people, but people often fail to understand or believe how powerful God is to them. People need the wisdom from this book and from God to guide them in fighting alcoholism.

Many people who try to battle alcoholism without a mentor often waste a lot of time and fail to find the right strategy. On the other hand, people with the right mentor can easily be guided in the right direction to their goal of sobriety. In one review by a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, Christopher Inclan shares his success in overcoming his alcohol addiction and how he even became a mentor of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Campbell also indicates that there are two types of hero deeds. Although the two stories are different they are alike in many ways. In this stage the hero takes on the call of adventure. It began when he started having dreams of the white bearded man and the grim ripper.

One night after his dream he decided to go for a walk, and then he finally met this man from his dream.

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Dan is naive and egoistic telling Socrates in what way can he possibly be useful him. Life is the only real teacher. It offers many experiences, and if experience alone brought wisdom and fulfillment…I can help you learn from experience to see the world clearly, and clarity is what you desperately need right now. With it he cuts the mind into ribbons.

Peaceful Warrior Quotes

Indeed, on the basis of that claim, his books were originally labelled "non-fiction" — and they continue to be labelled "non-fiction" to this day by Simon and Schuster, Castaneda's main publisher , amazingly enough, even after extensive debunking of their nonfictional status by Castaneda critics, most notably Richard De Mille. One of the primary means De Mille used was textual analysis similar to the textual analysis done in this article, through which Don Juan's words are traced back to other sources.

Lewis to papers in obscure anthrolopogy journals. We are writing this article to serve the same purpose for the Socrates quote — identifying Adi Da as its original source — even if Millman himself never acknowledges that source. It's worth noting that Millman has continued to remember, respect, and quote Adi Da's teaching, even to this day. We now provide just a few examples to make the point.


This moment is the moment of reality, of union, of truth. Nothing needs to be done to it or to you for this to be so. Nothing needs to be avoided, transcended, or found for it to be so. Da Avabhasa also known as Da Free John. In the credits to the German translation of one of his books, Die universellen Lebensgesetze des friedvollen Kriegers , Millman writes:.

And here is a recent quote of Adi Da in a tweet by Millman:. Because she mis-attributed those words, first to the Greek philosopher Socrates, then to a fictional character in Dan Millman's book — which was technically accurate, but, we believe, not the full story of where the words came from — we wrote this article, to set the record straight. Introduction On October 16, , Ivanka Trump tweeted the following motivational quote on her Twitter feed: Almost immediately, she received a storm of criticism on Twitter, criticizing her for mis-attributing this quote to the ancient Greek philosopher.

In Millman's book is a scene in which a fictional, charismatic gas station attendant named Socrates says the following: Even Stephen Colbert joined in the fun. Soon after the mostly humorous criticism started pouring in including tweets with the correct attribution , Ivanka removed her original tweet, and replaced it with a revised tweet , clarifying the source: In most of the news articles covering this story, that is the end of the story.

Background Analysis Dan Millman was a formal student of Adi Da for several years around the time of the release of Way of the Peaceful Warrior so, like all Adi Da's students, he would have been very familiar with Adi Da's spiritual teaching. Millman's favorite part of Adi Da's essay demonstrated by his excerpt. How Millman simplified that favorite part even further for Socrates to say in his book. Sources and Related Articles. We will use three means to do so: background analysis section 2 ; textual analysis section 3 ; and accreditation section 4.

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Adi Da's original essay. The Secret of How To Change: True change and advanced human adaptation are not made on the basis of any self-conscious resistance to old, degenerative, and subhuman habits. The Secret of How To Change: True change and higher human adaptation are not made by resistance to the old habits. The ability to take such liberties is exactly why one chooses to fictionalize a memoir, rather than tell it straight. Having a mysterious gas station attendant speak words of wisdom in one's book makes a far more intriguing narrative than including a bunch of quotes from a number of "other teachers"!

Peaceful Warrior: The Graphic Novel

And indeed, the book told a sufficiently good story that it was turned into a major motion picture called Peaceful Warrior , starring Nick Nolte as Socrates. Castaneda always said Don Juan was a real man that he actually had met. But as we have suggested for Millman, Castaneda may have taken a fiction writer's liberties to put words into his charismatic main character's mouth that came from other sources, including Castaneda himself. It would not be surprising if Castaneda's "Don Juan" and Millman's "Socrates" were crafted in much the same way: both based a little bit on a real person, but for the most part, a creation of the author.

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