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Lying low, working in a wildlife park, she slowly reclaims her sanity.

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Her only links to the outside world are her father and her stalker. Intricately plotted, breathlessly paced, Grace reflects on the countless varieties of love and the nature of fear. At once intimate and grand in scale, this disquieting and provocatively witty novel reveals the full vigour of an artistic vision in turn poetic and cinematic.

Robert Drewe was born in Melbourne on 9 January , but from the age of six, when his father moved the family west to a better job in Perth, he grew up and was educated on the West Australian coast.


The Swan River and Indian Ocean coast, where he learned to swim and surf, made an immediate and lasting impression on him. Swimming and publishing have remained interests all his life.

Sydney became home for him and his growing family, mostly in a small sandstone terrace in Euroka Street, North Sydney, where Henry Lawson had once lived. Related titles. No Middle Name. Men Without Women. Grand Union.

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Great Goddesses. The Pier Falls. The Shore. Uncommon Type.

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The Christmas Stocking and Other Stories. Seven Stones to Stand or Fall. Homesick For Another World. The Start of Something.

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Snowdrift and Other Stories includes three new recently discovered short stories. Help yourself with EMI Calculator.

EMI Calculator. Our experience of services rendered by Mr.

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