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The purpose of this is to inform anyone interested in becoming a nurse what you can do with your degree and most important, if this career. A PHN must be able to communicate effectively, and understand how the media delivers information. Of great importance is the role of cultural competency in public health nursing. Cultural competency is the ability to effectively consider the worldviews, healthcare practices and preferences of people from diverse, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds.

The PHN must put an emphasis on prevention and focuses.

Academic Requirements for Nursing Programs

Professional communication skills not only allows the nurse to provide different methods and tactics to communicate with patients of different needs and ages, but it enables the nurse to understand and to give the best possible care and outcome for the patient. Provision of information and handover is. Anna Leonova Trent University Nursing as a career choice. These words can not but be common for nurses all over the world. Well, what makes them love their profession? How did people decide to make nursing their career choice?

What are the reasons for people to start such a way of life? As it goes without saying, nursing can not be called a profession. Career Paper Nursing as a Profession No one is more important to the quality of patient care than a nurse. Today, prospective nurses take on many challenges as they look forward to their career choice such as the education and need for. Introduction: I have to admit in preparation of writing my nursing career, I found it very difficult to put a nursing career plan together.

Over the past 12 years of my nursing career, I have learned that many of my experiences has molded my character. Nursing has so much to offer and I am fascinated by anything new that I am introduced to. Even though a nursing profession is a time consuming and stressful career, the longing and desire to be a nurse has always remained in me.

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There are many different professions in the medical field that I considered at one point and worked different jobs. The passion I have for nursing has flourished because of this life changing opportunity that is being given to me. Through the Vocational Nursing Program, I will be able to receive the education to be able to provide care for my community and fulfill.

Nurses have a lot of responsibility around the hospital.


They provide care and make patients feel comfortable. Becoming a nurse has a lot of responsibility to it. The career also needs someone who has good people skills but is also assertive.

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To become a registered nurse a person can either earn an associate of science in Nursing, which is 2 years of schooling, or an individual can earn a bachelor of science in nursing, which is 4 years. Due to rapidly advancing technology, greater autonomy within our field and healthcare reform, many changes are ahead for our profession. These changes are seen in every arena of nursing, whether that is in the hospital, long term care, non-profit or nurse-managed health clinics and give us a peek at what the future of nursing will be like.

Patient care is evolving and nurses require. One of the many goals of the nursing profession is to provide high-quality, safe patient care.

Getting into a Nursing Program | Tips & Advice for RN Program Applicants

There are many responsibilities that come with a nursing career and when the nurse to patient ratio increases, there is a possibility that it may hinder the safe care that patients deserve, and this may result in negative patient outcomes and level of satisfaction. Staffing is one of the many issues that healthcare facilities face.

In many facilities, there never seems to be enough nurses per shift to provide. Nursing is such a dynamic career that students need to be knowledgeable about when considering going into the nursing field. There are many similarities and differences in the roles of nursing from the different levels such as LPN and RN.

There are also differences in the degrees and licensures to choose from that effect the roles of nurses. The education levels also have a great deal with the job opportunities available to nurses. Critical thinking is one of the most important aspects of nursing. Nursing Career Research After researching many nursing careers there are three that are stick out. Although salary is a big deal today, one must be aware of the specifics of a job to make sure they enjoy the job. Three interesting nursing careers are nurse educator, traveling nurse and a pediatric nurse. When thinking of a nurse educator, the name is self-explanatory.

However, men have played a significant role in the history of nursing, though this is not as discussed or taught about nearly as frequently as other female figures in history, such as Florence Nightingale. Men have had a firm presence since the very beginnings of this profession, dating as far back as the times of the bubonic plague.

In addition, men also had their beginnings in nursing with religious. I believe that nursing is both and art and a science consisting of psychosocial and biological sciences that work together to continually improve the health care field. I believe that with the knowledge and clinical experience from the TVCC ADN program I will be able to provide the best care possible to the people in the community.

As a nurse it is important to carry the attributes of being caring, compassionate, understanding, non judgmental, realistic, open-minded, honest, ethical, and moral. Before one chooses a career in nursing, it is always important to know that even though nursing is not for everyone, nursing is one of the most honorable and satisfying professions an individual can pursue.

Additionally it gives individuals rewarding financial benefits. Nursing is an excellent career choice, where an individual acquires great gratitude while attending to others necessities. If someone is constantly. They are nurses, who run around aiding patients day-in and day-out, from trying to get someone to surgery, to fluffing pillows and folding blankets.


My career choice is nursing, specifically a registered nurse RN. Registered nurses have a choice of working in many areas. They work with adults, but an RN can also work with children. Professional Nursing The profession of nursing is truly an astounding career. It provides men and women in the profession with flexibility, substantial benefits, sometimes tuition reimbursement, and above all a meaningful line of work that not only allows, but requires us to be a light for those in need.

The field allows nearly endless possibilities for job opportunities everywhere around the world. Interviews I recently interviewed two people who are not nurses or becoming nurses to discover. Registered nursing is all over the world. In every hospital you will find many registered nurses because it is a good career to get into. A job industry that will never run out of jobs is the heath industry because everyone in the world needs health care treatment. Students should look into healthcare careers id they want a successful life and career.

Registered nursing need.

Nursing Personal Statements

What is nursing practice? Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, facilitation of healing, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals. Nurses provide leadership as members of interdisciplinary teams, provide client centered care to promote health, prevent disease, and restore and maintain client integrity throughout the life span.

Krannich This makes it one of the most interesting professions, in my opinion. General Qualifications for becoming a nurse, according to Regina Ranburn. Some are nurses, who run around aiding patients day-in and day-out, from trying to get someone to surgery to fluffing pillows and folding blankets.