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Toggle navigation. Search this Guide Search. What is information literacy? Info literacy in the disciplines Teaching critical info literacy. Definition "Information literacy" can be defined in many ways. Background Meyer, J. Threshold concepts and troublesome knowledge 2 : Epistemological considerations and a conceptual framework for teaching and learning. Higher Education, 49 3 , This study builds on earlier work by Meyer and Land which introduced the generative notion of threshold concepts within and across disciplines, in the sense of transforming the internal view of subject matter or part thereof.

Mackey, T. Reframing Information Literacy as a Metaliteracy.

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Metaliteracy is an overarching and self-referential framework that integrates emerging technologies and unifies multiple literacy types. This redefinition of information literacy expands the scope of generally understood information competencies and places a particular emphasis on producing and sharing information in participatory digital environments. Norgaard, R.

Writing information literacy. In this seminal work in library and information science, Norgaard broadens the "ownership" of information literacy and issues a call for greater collaboration between librarians and writing faculty contextualized and informed by theory and practice within both fields.

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Bury, S. Use Information Effectively N.

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Use Information Ethically O. Innovative Technology to Support Pedagogy R. ALA Copyright Statement. Learn Researching On Your Own. Topic Selection Ideas. Teach Topic Narrowing. Teach Topic Broadening.

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Selecting Research Tools. Selecting Research Materials. Topic Overview. Thinking Critically About Web 2.

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